Benefits of mPOS system

5 Benefits of mPOS system in 2023

The world around us is transforming at a rapid speed. Buyer behaviours and transaction models have all undergone a drastic change. POS has been the torch bearer in bringing about a change in the way sales are completed at the checkpoint. POS has made business processes simpler for the business owners. Accepting card payments had been a great leap for businesses at one point of time. These were the traditional POS systems. These POS systems were often a fixed touch screen monitor connected to a cash register, telephone line and CPU. Now, the trend has evolved and mPOS has emerged as the trending POS system opted by many businesses. Smart businesses are today enjoying the benefits of mPOS system.

What is an mPOS?

An mPOS system is simple, it is the same functional POS on a portable mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. It is easier for businesses to monitor their business processes on a smart phone than on the fixed monitor.

Advantages of Point of Sale

  • Cost effective: One of the most highlighted benefits of mPOS system is that it is relatively cost effective when compared to a traditional POS system. In the traditional POS system there is the need for installation of multiple hardwares and hefty charges for continuous updation of softwares. In mPOS the hardware requirements are minimal as the software is installed on your portable smartphone or tablet. Additionally, mPOS makes use of cloud storage to store all data which is easily available and accessible to vendors with good internet connection at any time from anywhere.
  • Faster checkouts: Tired of waiting long hours in queues to bill your purchase? Not anymore with mPOS. Faster checkouts and shorter queues is achievable with the mPOS system. It is designed to make businesses more efficient with multiple payment options such as card and mobile payment, increasing profit and shorter queues.
  • Reduced Business Liability: Safeguarding your business data is vital. Traditional POS systems risk the safety of your collected data. Fraudsters may attempt to break into your system unauthorised to collect the credit and debit card details and misuse the gained information. In mPOS, individuals cannot access the system with proper authorisation. As credit and debit card details are not stored in transactions made through mPOS, it is much safer for customers to make contactless payments. No system is free from breach but mPOS minimises such incidents to a great extent.
  • Easy identification and customer history: Confirming customer identities has become a reality with mPOS. Biometrics such as face recognition or fingerprints can be used for this purpose. Authentic recognition of customers ensures security and convenience. Also, it is easier to retrieve old customer information such as bills,transactions, and loyalty programs with mPOS. This enhances customer experience and staff performance. As the stored data is easy to access the entire process takes less time and promotes faster sale.
  • Easy to integrate and minimal set up : Unlike the traditional POS system which requires a stationed monitor and cash register, mPOS needs just the basic setup to get started. Any smartphone or tablet device can be easily used to function as a POS, this is one of the main benefits of mPOS system. You can also integrate your existing software promoting a smooth migration of data.

In Conclusion:

The benefits of mPOS system are plenty. Above mentioned are only the highlighted ones. As a business owner, you can benefit immensely from investing in an mPOS  system. It makes doing business easier for you. You can not only bill items, but can also monitor inventory, and generate multiple reports as per requirement. Advancing with the trend is essential to run a successful business and mPOS is one such advancement.

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Mobile POS Systems

Mobile POS Systems: A Detailed guide

With the advancement in technology you can see a major transformation in the way transactions are being handled in a business. The traditional cash registers have evolved to electronic POS systems which have undergone upgradation with the help of cloud technology and ultimately marked the emergence of Mobile POS Systems. The evolution of mobile point of sale systems has enabled quick and easy business transactions. mPOS systems function as a portable cash register and thereby transactions can be carried out anywhere at any time just by the use of mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices. 

Working of Mobile POS systems

The working of mPOS systems are prompt and cost-effective. With the help of an app downloaded in your wireless device for processing transactions, a card reader and internet connection your mPOS system is ready to work. Your customers will choose the items they intend to buy either through the online or offline mode. You can scan these items through barcodes or select it manually in the system and the mPOS system will calculate the total price of the purchase.  At this point your customer will pay for the purchased items either through cards, digital wallets or cash. The mPOS will process the payment and finalize the transaction and update the quantity in inventory. 

Who is mPOS for and Why?

mPOS is useful for any business that is looking for a faster and convenient mode of transaction. Also it is very helpful for businesses conducting transactions on the go. It is beneficial for a variety of businesses such as 

  • Retail stores
  • Freelancers
  • Restaurants
  • Food trucks
  • Market vendors 
  • Home services and more

Some of the advantages of using mobile POS systems for your business are mentioned below

  • Faster checkouts using smart phones
  • Cut-down costs on expensive hardwares
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • User-friendly application
  • More Secure payments
  • Customizable for your business

4 handy features in the Best mobile pos for small businesses 

  • Promote & Track

With the help of an mPOS system you can promote your products and update your customers regarding the sales offers and limited discounts easily. It empowers your existing marketing campaigns and tracks the success of it. 

For instance Single Cart enables you to share your products with digital flyers on social media and other online platforms. You can effectively keep track of the reach of these digital flyers by analyzing the views.

  • Cost-effective

Small & medium scale businesses always appreciate a cost-effective solution for their business. The best mobile POS for small businesses is cost-effective and simple to implement. It works with  low cost and easily available hardwares. It converts mobile phones and tablets to a well functioning mPOS system. 

  • QR codes

Smart QR code solution is one of the most useful features in mPOS systems. It helps in reducing manual labor and sharing information with just one click. With the help of this feature in your mPOS system you can easily connect with your customers and save time.

  • Enhanced Reporting

mPOS generates multiple reports that help you manage your business seamlessly. With timely sales reports in your hands you can make informed decisions and accurately manage the inventory.

A Final Note

Mobile POS systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses today. With the help of an mPOS, business owners can handle transactions conveniently and quickly. It offers flexibility and scalability in managing your business.

Single Cart is a feature rich and the best mobile POS for small businesses. It aids in managing your business round the clock in both online and offline mode. You can manage sales, track orders and inventory even if you are away from your physical store front. With the webstore feature available in Single Cart you can effortlessly take your business to an online platform. It also generates multiple handy reports with which you can make informed decisions and the digital flyers will enhance your marketing campaigns.

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mPOS For Your Business

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Using mPOS For Your Business

Businesses today are evolving faster than ever. The technological advancements have made buyer experiences better at every step. POS technology is one such field with great potential for advancement. Keeping track of such developments and transforming your businesses in line with them is vital. Looking back, have you come across any business that has cash only transactions? Probably a few businesses but most of them have upgraded their mode of payment to the widely used credit, debit and mobile wallet formats. mPOS solutions for retail stores is one such advancement in the POS realm. With an mPOS,  businesses can streamline their workflow and fast track payments irrespective of their business size.

mPOS or Mobile Point of Sale, as the name suggests is a smartphone, tablet or any other portable device that serves as a fully functional POS with transaction facility. mPOS solutions for retail stores have built-in softwares that automatically saves customer transaction data. 

What is an mPOS?

Here some questions you must ask before getting an mPOS for your retail stores:

Are mPOS affordable?

Unlike the traditional POS solutions an mPOS does not have any major hardware requirement hence proving to be budget friendly even for smaller businesses. As Cloud-hosted subscription plans used by the mPOS systems come in affordable monthly and yearly payment plans, it is easier for enterprises to accommodate mPOS into their businesses.

How convenient can you use mPOS?

The present day transaction methods have evolved and businesses that accept only money as payment have become rare. Most businesses provide multiple cashless options such as credit, debit, and other forms of payment. It has become vital to offer multiple cashless payment alternatives to customers in order to sustain your business. mPOS software solution can be the right partner. mPOS allows you to make payments via debit, credit cards and also in some cases through qr code scans. Hence, it is convenient for both the business and the customer.

Will an mPOS reduce customer wait time?

Waiting in the billing queue for your turn is a tiring exercise for customers. More so, during peak business hours. With mPOS installed in multiple locations, billing and payment can take place instantaneously and customers will not have to wait in long queues. 

Can you track inventory efficiently with an mPOS?

An mPOS is also a fully functional POS software. Which means that every time you sell or bill a product your inventory is automatically being updated in the background. Similarly, you can easily track fast selling items and restock them on-time. 

Will internet connection affect the billing process?

As all the data is stored in the cloud-hosted platform, the billing procedure can be completed faster. Also, incase of any internet connection issues you can bill products offline and the data will be automatically synced with your cloud storage when the internet connection regains strength. Thus, making it the best mPOS system for your business.

Bonus point
Can you create your own digital flyer?

SingleCart mPOS is one of the best mPOS systems for your business in the UAE. With SingleCart you can design and create your own digital flyers and connect instantly with your customers. Manage offers and promotions efficiently with SingleCart mPOS app.

In conclusion

If you are considering installing a mPOS solution for your business it is vital for you to compare your needs with the features offered by the POS solution provider. mPOS solutions for retail stores are considered affordable as the investment in heavy hardware is not required. Just a mobile phone or tablet installed with the pos app will suffice to smoothly run your business.

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POS and mPOS Systems

Traditional POS and mPOS Systems- How Are They Different?

With the advancement in technology there has been immense upgradation in POS systems as well. A POS system was introduced in order to record and manage transactions accurately. What once started as just a cash register has evolved into a powerful hub that manages sales, operational process, promotions and financial process with the help of digitisation and cloud technology. POS is a broad terminology referring to the entire solution while mPOS stands for mobile point of sale. You can browse through this blog in order to understand the difference between traditional POS and mPOS systems and the key benefits you can enjoy with the help of using an mPOS for your business.

Difference between traditional POS and mPOS systems

An mPOS is a smartphone, tablet or any other wireless device that performs the function of a cash register or electronic POS but it is done wirelessly. With the help of an mPOS you can cut down costs on bulky hardware. mPOS systems use cloud POS software and thereby you can access the data anywhere and at any time even outside the geographical location of your business. The use of mPOS enables more flexibility and convenience for the customers. In order to implement an mPOS for your business you need the following components.

● An internet connection

● A credit or debit card reader

● An application downloaded in the device

The user can then connect with the reader via mobile devices by downloading a POS app in the wireless device used for transactions. Certain mPOS systems accept payments even in offline mode. This enables your store to function even when the internet connection drops. For added convenience you can also pair the mPOS with hardware like a barcode scanner or cash drawer.

A traditional POS comes with a stationary terminal in comparison with an mPOS. This can be a combination of desktop or tablet, receipt printer, cash drawer, credit card machine and scanner. It requires the physical storefront to be open for the transactions to happen. The mobility aspect of mPOS applies to both the hardware and software. mPOS is lightweight, portable and offers more flexibility when compared to traditional POS systems. mPOS systems are also more secure as they are required to be up to date with the PCI Mobile Payment Acceptance Security Guidelines for Developers.

Benefits of using an mPOS

● Setting up an mPOS for your business is rather an easy process and you don’t need complicated technical knowledge for using it. The implementation process is quick and there is no need to buy a lot of hardware and advanced terminals.

● You can manage your business from anywhere with an mPOS system. The cloud POS software records and stores every data on the internet and therefore you can access it anytime as required using a wireless device.

● The use of mPOS facilitates faster check outs and saves time. You can provide an enhanced customer experience by enabling quicker transactions and reducing the waiting time.

● mPOS lets you connect with your customers more efficiently. You can update offers easily and implement an effective marketing strategy with the help of an mPOS.

● The analytics feature built in the mobile cloud POS system gives valuable insights for the smooth functioning of the business. The automated recording process lets you track and manage inventory and sales data accurately.

Summing up

During the past years the POS system has undergone many improvements. You can run your business in a more efficient manner with the help of both POS and mPOS systems. Cloud technology has empowered mPOS systems and it offers more flexibility and scalability for your business. Small business owners can benefit immensely with the help of an mPOS as it will integrate smoothly to other business systems and grow alongside the business.

Elevate the experience of your customers and transform your business with PromtTech’s SingleCart. You can manage your business round the clock, promote efficiently and scale up your business easily with the help of SingleCart, the all-in-one mPOS app.

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Store Management App

Multipurpose Store Management App

Flourishing a business in the present day has transformed immensely. Things have changed drastically. Digitalisation has taken over in more ways than one. Upgrading your skills and your technology is the dire need of the hour. Among all these complexities, how relieving would it be to get access to a system that can change your game and take it to the next level. Amazing right! SingleCart is one such brilliant store management app.  You can streamline your business effortlessly. Run your own web store in no time. Send out flyers and generate offers with just a few clicks. Sounds great? Let’s dive in and get to know a few other things you can do with SingleCart.

SingleCart is a POS software that is designed to ease and make doing business convenient for you. A wide range of retail businesses and F&B businesses can benefit from this POS. SingleCart can be your very own store inventory management software and at the same time help you promote your business. 

Here are a few core features of SingleCart

Effortlessly manage your store-front and web store

Managing rush hour madness is not new for businesses. It can get quite overwhelming and may go out of control if not managed the right way. And what if you run multiple stores? At such crucial moments SingleCart can be your sigh of relief. With the SingleCart store management system you can simply monitor and manage your store-front and web store simultaneously. Keep track of inventory, orders and deliveries from a single platform.

Extend your reach invariably

Digitalisation and technology has changed the face of business and the way we do it. It has become convenient for our customers to browse through their smartphones to access absolutely anything under the sun. Buyer behaviours have transitioned along with the developments in technology. Printed flyers and promotional creatives are now out-dated and old-fashioned. Also, it is difficult to get the attention of the present generation of audience as they are way too engrossed in their digital devices. It is always better to change before change becomes inevitable. To stay up with the trend SingleCart helps you design your own digital flyers and offers that can be easily sent across to your targeted audience instantly. Through such flyers you are sure to grab the attention and make sales. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the smart QR code solutions. Just scan the custom code with your smartphones and you are good to shop! 

Easily categorise your products 

Clarity in business is always good. With SingleCart’s store management app you can easily classify products according to their departments and brand, making it easier for customers to browse your web store. You can also apply targeted promotions and offers for each product line. As small and medium enterprises it is beneficial that our store inventory management software can help you get a clear picture of in-stock and out-of-stock items accurately. Also, you can get a hold on items that are preferred by the majority of your customers. Create special offers on products based on their sales and promote them directly to your targeted audience. 

Effectively manage orders

As a business it is inevitable to stay away from customers or rush hours. Many times in traditional business practices it can be daunting to manage orders and deliver them to customers without any error. We sure may have succeeded back in the day. But in this digital era, with the advancement of technology it has become convenient for business owners to manage order and delivery digitally. As the orders are marked in the digital space the margin for errors have reduced considerably. Also, it is easy to track when your data is online. SingleCart provides you exactly that. Easily manage orders even during rush hours.

Run business at your convenience

A POS software can help you ease your business processes to a great extent. But has it ever occurred to you that a little more flexibility could better your business. Well, SingleCart solves it for you. SingleCart is not just a POS software, it is a mPOS software. That is, the POS app is installed on your mobile device. So, now your POS is as handy as your smart mobile device. Access your web store at any time from anywhere. Generate and view reports in real time from wherever you are. Review your daily sales and expenses easily with SingleCart mPOS. It is highly budget friendly as you do not have to invest in hefty hardware. 

In conclusion

SingleCart mPOS is an efficient store management app that allows you to handle your business processes effectively. It helps you integrate your storefront and web store seamlessly, boosting your business and attracting potential customers. Custom QR code makes your business all the more special as your customers can view the product list and offers simultaneously. It makes shopping convenient for them and business simple for you.

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