Mobile POS Systems: A Detailed guide

Mobile POS Systems

With the advancement in technology you can see a major transformation in the way transactions are being handled in a business. The traditional cash registers have evolved to electronic POS systems which have undergone upgradation with the help of cloud technology and ultimately marked the emergence of Mobile POS Systems. The evolution of mobile point of sale systems has enabled quick and easy business transactions. mPOS systems function as a portable cash register and thereby transactions can be carried out anywhere at any time just by the use of mobile phones, tablets and other wireless devices. 

Working of Mobile POS systems

The working of mPOS systems are prompt and cost-effective. With the help of an app downloaded in your wireless device for processing transactions, a card reader and internet connection your mPOS system is ready to work. Your customers will choose the items they intend to buy either through the online or offline mode. You can scan these items through barcodes or select it manually in the system and the mPOS system will calculate the total price of the purchase.  At this point your customer will pay for the purchased items either through cards, digital wallets or cash. The mPOS will process the payment and finalize the transaction and update the quantity in inventory. 

Who is mPOS for and Why?

mPOS is useful for any business that is looking for a faster and convenient mode of transaction. Also it is very helpful for businesses conducting transactions on the go. It is beneficial for a variety of businesses such as 

  • Retail stores
  • Freelancers
  • Restaurants
  • Food trucks
  • Market vendors 
  • Home services and more

Some of the advantages of using mobile POS systems for your business are mentioned below

  • Faster checkouts using smart phones
  • Cut-down costs on expensive hardwares
  • Increased flexibility and scalability
  • User-friendly application
  • More Secure payments
  • Customizable for your business

4 handy features in the Best mobile pos for small businesses 

  • Promote & Track

With the help of an mPOS system you can promote your products and update your customers regarding the sales offers and limited discounts easily. It empowers your existing marketing campaigns and tracks the success of it. 

For instance Single Cart enables you to share your products with digital flyers on social media and other online platforms. You can effectively keep track of the reach of these digital flyers by analyzing the views.

  • Cost-effective

Small & medium scale businesses always appreciate a cost-effective solution for their business. The best mobile POS for small businesses is cost-effective and simple to implement. It works with  low cost and easily available hardwares. It converts mobile phones and tablets to a well functioning mPOS system. 

  • QR codes

Smart QR code solution is one of the most useful features in mPOS systems. It helps in reducing manual labor and sharing information with just one click. With the help of this feature in your mPOS system you can easily connect with your customers and save time.

  • Enhanced Reporting

mPOS generates multiple reports that help you manage your business seamlessly. With timely sales reports in your hands you can make informed decisions and accurately manage the inventory.

A Final Note

Mobile POS systems are becoming increasingly popular among businesses today. With the help of an mPOS, business owners can handle transactions conveniently and quickly. It offers flexibility and scalability in managing your business.

Single Cart is a feature rich and the best mobile POS for small businesses. It aids in managing your business round the clock in both online and offline mode. You can manage sales, track orders and inventory even if you are away from your physical store front. With the webstore feature available in Single Cart you can effortlessly take your business to an online platform. It also generates multiple handy reports with which you can make informed decisions and the digital flyers will enhance your marketing campaigns.

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