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Touchless menus have been coming up over the past few years, but it is only with the Covid-19 pandemic that most restaurants have considered opting for a fully digital option.With the pandemic guidelines suggesting restaurants use QR code menus, it seems like a good idea for dining establishments everywhere to switch to the digital option.

Think of the cost of redesigning and printing out a bunch of menu cards each time the chef adds a new dish. If that was not enough, the environmental benefits of going digital should convince you that QR code menus work best.

Menu first!

The menu card serves just one purpose – to give information on the food you serve, and that is why physical menus have worked this long. Flashy menus must still be able to let customers know whether their favorite dish is available at your restaurant.

The fact that your menu is digital offers a great opportunity to add seasonal offers and discounts on items for particular events. But avoid taking free marketing for granted – customers do not want to see ads everywhere, especially when they are sitting down to order food.

So how do we go about designing and implementing a Restaurant QR Code Menu? A touchless menu sounds like a complex futuristic concept, but really, it is easy to design and easier to implement. Come find out what you need to know before you set up a QR code menu for your restaurant.

What’s a QR Code Menu

It’s simple. When a customer scans the QR code, they are presented with a fully-featured menu on their mobile device. Since most smartphone cameras are equipped with QR code scanning capabilities these days, your customers just need to have a working smartphone to check out your hi-tech menu. Instead of physical menu cards that are printed out and handed around to customers, the QR code menu allows each customer to check out the menu by themselves.

Static QR Code

This is an option that is usually used for the short-term, like a seasonal product launch. They are free to generate so you can create as many as you want. The important thing to remember is that static QR codes do not allow changing the linked page in any way after being generated.

Dynamic QR Code

A dynamic QR code can be altered whenever you want to, so you can add or drop items on the menu. And you can do this without reprinting all the QR codes at your store. They are also trackable, so they give you an opportunity to monitor your scan statistics in real time.  

A lot of QR code generators allow you to create a dynamic QR code, but you need to be sure that they give you full access to the editing and publishing tools for the menu itself. SingleCart POS software is designed to help you work out the QR code menu easily and efficiently.

Going Digital with QR Code Menu

Digital QR code generators let you create a unique QR code pattern and link it either to a menu file or to a landing page. You can customise this to add menu items with an eye-catching design to draw in customers who view the menu.

With SingleCart, creating a QR code menu is easy as pie. You can add each item and its image from the main menu along with additional item description and pricing details. Promotions, offers and discounts can be applied for each product or as a whole across the entire catalogue. Alternatively, you can add products directly from the flyer through the “Flyer Manager” option on the main menu.

When you are done adding all your items and picking a theme for the landing page, go on and generate a custom QR code with the “Generate and Share QR Code” button from the menu. Do remember to test it out and see how it looks on different devices before deploying the QR code. When you are done customizing, download the QR code and print it out for flyers and stickers at your restaurant. 

How to do it the right way

QR codes are everywhere these days and we pass them by without a second thought. Your QR code must be visible and make customers scan them right away. 

  • Placing QR codes at prominent places in your establishment – entrance, coasters – and even the walls – will allow customers to scan the menu without the hassle of getting a physical menu card from the server. You could even put them up on a dedicated menu stand, but with a QR code instead of an actual menu card.
  • Including a call to action such as, “Scan for Food” or “Find Menu Here” lets your customers know what they should do with the QR code. Custom QR designs allow you to make visually-appealing designs that integrate the QR code.

Cross platform access

There’s no reason to suppose your customers could only use one kind of platform, so why miss out on a chance to impress everyone? Optimize your QR code to suit different OS and devices.

SingleCart QR Code Menu is optimised for multi-platform access so customers can view your restaurant menu on any device.

Simple Designs 

QR code scanners use high contrast to detect the patterns. so avoid using too many design elements on the QR code itself. The menu however, can be designed quite lavishly. Add your logo, images of items, and maybe even some nifty graphics to guide your customers through the menu.

SingleCart is here to help

SingleCart is the pioneer in POS Software in Dubai. We help some of the leading retail services transform their business processes using innovative software solutions. Our top-ranked POS software helps streamline retail workflows with the objective of improving brand image and expanding their customer base. 

Our Mobile POS Dubai software for restaurants integrates QR code menus to deliver a tasteful customer experience. We provide a secure and accessible QR code system that guarantees better efficiency and higher returns.

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