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Though least common nowadays, a typical question that offline store merchants ask is why they should have an online store up and running. 

There are a lot of opinions concerning setting up an online presence or having an online store besides an offline business. To a lot of people, it’s full of possibility of loss or failure, and tricky. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should get your business online. Below are 10 good reasons why you need to begin doing business online.

Enhance the Image of Your Company

Just this reason must be enough to begin an online store and sell your products online. This is an absolutely significant factor, as without an online store or even blogs potential clients may start to think about your level of seriousness in doing business. At present, businesses of all sizes and all sorts are effectively creating an online presence.

Whether you merely have an offline business then you can’t expect your potential customers to take you seriously and they may turn to your rivals who most probably have taken their business online. Most frankly, you should take your business online as your potential and current customers are looking to have your own online store.

Round the Clock Availability

Even though certain grocery store, eateries service stations run round the clock services, it’s unachievable for the majority of businesses. The major advantage of an online store up and running is that your customers can get to know about your products/ services and buy them anytime, no matter even if it’s a holiday. Relate it to the change it makes when your brick and mortar store is running 4-5 times longer than normal. 

While your physical store is closed you can still expect inquiries and leads and follow-up with them during your business hours the following day. A lot of prospects and customers want to know more of your business when it’s not business hours, but when you have an online store in place, it can still function and your online assistant can generate leads and resolve queries.

Lower Operations Cost

A  single task can make a great deal of change in cost savings. Case in point- you really don’t have to employ a customer service staff if you’re receiving your orders online. Through all-inclusive product and sales data online, you will merely get the orders and payments through the mail or to your directory. You can minimise the employees, and as do the office expenses and office space. 

Relying on the online store with POS, merchants can take every facet of their business online, like buying, invoicing, delivery. Other aspects comprise pre-emptive customer service, such as the Frequently Asked Questions page to address the client’s queries. 

Easy Access

Regardless of the time or place, when you have an online store with POS, it will allow you to access real-time insights on your business. It can be the best bet for retail merchants who are rather very busy.

You don’t want to regularly stop by your store or contact your assistant to keep tabs on the stock. From your smartphone, you can access your back office no matter where you are and get the details all by yourself.

Gives You Real-time Insights

Merely with your instincts, you can’t keep up your company’s productivity. You should track insights that are in detail, that helps you in functioning with practical strategies and make clever business moves. 

An online store with POS will give you instant insights that let you track and maintain your products. Its analytical feature lets you know which products require restocking, besides you can also track the orders.

Report Management

An online store with POS has reporting features in which merchants can track profits, sales, costs involved in any activity. Reports provide you with updated information and are formatted with details which can easily be read. You can access the reports even when you’re on the move or at home. No matter where you’re, you always have the handy details to reach an informed move.

Improve Company Responsiveness

The online store with POS lets you deliver your digital flyer, purchase order, confirmation of order faster, and mostly at once. It will confirm the orders to your customers, after having processed them. In the past, the orders were either dropped off or either mailed to the customer. Based on the volume of orders handled by the sales employee, it can take a couple of hours to even days for order processing. With an efficient online store, merchants can easily keep tabs on the inventory, orders, number of sales and more. Quicker time to respond implies satisfied customers and less work for you.

Target the Global Market

With your traditional physical store, you’re restricted to the number of customers who can stop by your store during a specified time. But with an excellent online store in place, you can in fact have over 1000 or 10000 customers exploring your online store simultaneously. Think of the capability of your business, when you can show your products to a boundless number of interested customers. Being able to get a hundred customers is entirely different from actually having a hundred customers.

Access From Anywhere

Setting up an online presence gives you the location freedom so you can work from wherever you wish, and you aren’t stuck in a specific place. 

If you have a good internet and live wherever you are while you can run your online business. A lot of merchants stay in one place, have a storehouse in another place, and hosting on yet another. 

With lesser anomaly, the online store reduces your need to remain at a particular place. You can be in a place where you want to and even make your company adjust to your way of living. 

More Customer Support

The internet lets you resolve customer queries, host sales webinars, and more even without taking up your valuable time. Make a FAQ page listing everything that customers may ask, or make a video and with that every time you can lead your customers to those details for a long time. This doesn’t just save a lot of time, but you’re giving better service to your customers. They’ll be after particular details like:

  • Solve an issue with a current order.
  • Looking for another choice prior to making a purchasing decision. 
  • Prior to making a purchasing decision.

When you have an online presence, you can provide them merely the details they’re seeking and merely when they’re seeking it. This implies lesser enquiries via phone calls and increased turnover. You can focus more time on the profit creating activities of your company and lesser time dealing with typical client service issues.

About SingleCart

SingleCart is a unique technology platform where retail merchants can create their own web store with POS in a few minutes and showcase their products. Once having launched the webstore, they can start selling their products without paying any commission. The app comes with an array of features such as:

  • Order tracking
  • Create digital flyers
  • Manage orders
  • Generate reports
  • Offer display
  • Flyer sharing
  • Schedule orders
  • Edit and add products
  • POS
  • Sharing and Tracking
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Install POS with low cost
  • Printer integration
  • Supports Android billing software 

Businesses without an online presence can now come to the fore with SingleCart – Single cart.

How much does it cost?

If your planning to upgrade your offline business to online store even if it is with or without Retails POS you see pricing of SingleCart using this link

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