About Us

About Us


SingleCart is one of the top Retail POS Software, providing clients with a wide range of custom-made business solutions tailored to their individual needs. This Best POS App helps them make informed decisions. A business can benefit from SingleCart by streamlining operations, monitoring workflow, increasing productivity, and using a variety of other functional features to launch into the e-commerce industry and be successful through perfection.

What makes us special?

The SingleCart POS Solution is perfect for small business owners who strive to elevate their customers' experience. These platforms provide small business owners who need to transform their business and market their products, but lack the resources and tools, with a one-stop-shop for digital transformation and marketing. The app has all the advantages and flexibility of a POS application including the ability to sell via SingleCart, upload products and flyers, receive online orders and track orders. Having launched Successfully in May 2020, SingleCart has completed its rollout. SingleCart continues to amaze customers with its web store, online/offline POS system, an extensive scope of features, all at an affordable price.

Ready to take your startup to the next level?

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