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If you are a small business the idea of a traditional POS system can seem intimidating. But it is significant to keep up with the trends in technology and provide your customers with a digital billing experience in order to survive in a highly competitive business environment. A mobile POS system can help you with this challenge in a cost-effective manner and enjoy the facilities of POS software without having to invest in a fixed monitor and central processing unit. Single cart is the right mobile POS app for small business, customized for your business requirements. With SingleCart, the best mobile POS for small business you can elevate the experience of your customers, launch into e-commerce and get access to tons of handy features of a POS system.

SingleCart is suitable for a wide range of small-scale and medium business owners as mentioned below

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Retail shops
  • Fitness centers
  • Pet shops
  • Laundry service
  • Flower shops
  • Printing and Studios

Now let’s browse through the Top 5 Features of SingleCart

Easy mobile POS

Get the facilities of a cash register on your mobile phone or tablet with the help of SingleCart. Manage your store with ease and convenience with the help of SingleCart POS system. Continue sales and manage orders even when you are far away from the business.

This retail POS app is an extension of your store allowing you to adjust work schedule from anywhere and customize it with your logo. SingleCart is curated to meet the needs of various individuals, commercial firms and various other business.

Customized Web store

Reach more customers and provide them with an exceptional online buying experience by setting up your store on the web and social media. Build a web store on SingleCart easily without any technical knowledge and having to go through the burden of coding. From order confirmation to delivery manage all the stages in online sales. With the help of a customized web store for your business track orders, inventory and delivery easily.

Open an online store for your business, display products and sell anytime with SingleCart, the mobile POS app for small business.

Smart QR solution

Creating awareness about your brand, product or service is essential for the growth and survival of any business. Promoting your brand and reaching the right customers can often be difficult. For instance, most of the time printed flyers and notices fail to reach your target clients and ends up in dustbins. With the help of best pos app for android you can easily generate customized QR code. The use of QR codes will not only save time and money but will also let you track the progress of your marketing campaigns.

Provide instant access to information about your product and service to your customers with the use of just a mobile phone. With one click they get access to the required information about your business with the help of QR codes. Not only that, QR codes can store an ample amount of information compared to traditional flyers and posters.

Access Multiple Reports

Track the growth of your business accurately with the help of multiple reports generated with SingleCart.  It is the best mobile POS for small business with which you can get access to sales reports, inventory reports, purchase reports, and so on. With the help of these detailed business reports, you can manage your business operations effectively and make well-informed decisions.

For example, by looking at an accurate inventory report you can restock an item before it runs out completely and thereby solve the problem of understocking.

Sharing and Tracking

Single Cart is the best mobile POS for small businesses equipped with the facility of creating digital flyers and sharing them on social media and other online platforms. It also allows the option of tracking the views ensuring if they reached more customers or not. With digital flyers and newsletters on the online store, you may promote your product and keep your consumers informed about offers and sales events.

Summing up

A mobile POS app for small business can help you to manage the operations in your business effectively and efficiently. Single Cart is the best mobile POS for small business equipped with a lot of handy features. Explore the possibilities of managing your store digitally and build customized web store for your business with SingleCart. Transform your business with PromptTech’s SingleCart today itself.

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