Top 10 Benefits of Using QR Code for Business

QR code for business

Do you want more customer engagement? Has your marketing strategy gone rotten? If you are looking to upgrade your promotional strategies, reduce mechanical labour, or drive more customer interaction the use of QR codes is the solution. There are numerous benefits of using QR codes for business.

What is QR Code?

Quick response codes or QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes through which the scanners can access any kind of stored online information quickly. The scanners can be redirected to websites, online stores, landing pages, application forms, menus, or any other online destination.  It is of two types- static and dynamic. If you don’t want to update the information in your QR code after creating it you can opt for a static QR code. Dynamic QR codes let you update and edit the information in a single QR code according to your requirement without having to create a new QR code every time.

The use of QR codes is beneficial for a multitude of retail business owners including grocery shops, flower shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hypermarkets and so on.

Here are the top 10 benefits of using QR code for Business


QR code has a huge storage capacity. It can hold a large amount of data up to 7089 numeric characters, 4296 alphanumeric characters and so on. Thus it assists in providing accurate information to the right customer. It can be placed on manuals and user guides to provide extra information.

Editable and Flexible

QR codes enable scanning in any orientation and their size can be made smaller or bigger according to the need and location where you want to place them. Also unlike printed materials the information in QR codes can be altered and edited according to your requirement anytime. This way you can add more information and change the content to make your promotional strategies more effective.

Discounts and Coupons

Build strong customer engagement and brand loyalty with the help of QR codes. QR codes can be used to reward your customers with exciting discounts, offers and coupons. This will appeal to their curiosity and you can build a compelling brand image.

Eco-friendly and Economical

How you do your business has a huge impact on the long-term success and sustainability of the business. There is a huge expectation for corporates to do business in a socially responsible manner. Digitizing user manuals and other catalogues with the help of QR codes for business, you can reduce paper consumption.

QR codes can also provide a significant saving on money spent on papers, printing materials and other advertising efforts. Since the content in QR codes can be upgraded according to your needs you can cut costs on reprinting and redistributing every time.


QR codes can bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. Customer experience in the digital and real world can thus be bought together. For instance, a QR code placed in a flyer or brochure can redirect the customer to your online stores with the inbuilt facility of QR scanner for android and iOS placed in their mobile phones.


QR codes can be placed on menus, business cards, flyers, magazines, and many more locations. Therefore it can reach your customers and they can access it with the use of a mobile phone. This enables strong customer engagement, brand loyalty and a potential increase in revenue.

Enables Better Marketing Strategy

QR codes can be used to enable the performance of your marketing campaigns better. A QR scanner app can lead your customers to sign-up pages, websites and landing pages. QR codes can also be used for SMS marketing, email marketing, downloading apps, and providing directions to your office location. It can also assist in targeting the right customers for social media marketing, shopping and E-commerce.


You can measure the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional strategy with the use of QR codes. This is not possible using traditional marketing strategies such as billboards and printed advertisements only. This analytics can help you in framing important business decisions.

Quick and Convenient

With the use of QR scanner for android and iOS devices, QR codes can be scanned easily. Thus, as the name suggests QR codes generate a quick response in an effortless manner.

Easy Feedback

Customers feel happy and easy to rate your business and product with the use of QR codes. The hassle of writing name, address and review on an application form can thus be eliminated.

Generate a Customised QR Code for Your Business Now

As mentioned in this blog there are a lot of enchanting benefits of using QR code for business. SingleCart is a multi-featured POS system of PromptTech that offers you customized QR codes for your business needs. Reduce the manual work and improve your marketing strategy with SingleCart today itself.

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