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Store Management App

Flourishing a business in the present day has transformed immensely. Things have changed drastically. Digitalisation has taken over in more ways than one. Upgrading your skills and your technology is the dire need of the hour. Among all these complexities, how relieving would it be to get access to a system that can change your game and take it to the next level. Amazing right! SingleCart is one such brilliant store management app.  You can streamline your business effortlessly. Run your own web store in no time. Send out flyers and generate offers with just a few clicks. Sounds great? Let’s dive in and get to know a few other things you can do with SingleCart.

SingleCart is a POS software that is designed to ease and make doing business convenient for you. A wide range of retail businesses and F&B businesses can benefit from this POS. SingleCart can be your very own store inventory management software and at the same time help you promote your business. 

Here are a few core features of SingleCart

Effortlessly manage your store-front and web store

Managing rush hour madness is not new for businesses. It can get quite overwhelming and may go out of control if not managed the right way. And what if you run multiple stores? At such crucial moments SingleCart can be your sigh of relief. With the SingleCart store management system you can simply monitor and manage your store-front and web store simultaneously. Keep track of inventory, orders and deliveries from a single platform.

Extend your reach invariably

Digitalisation and technology has changed the face of business and the way we do it. It has become convenient for our customers to browse through their smartphones to access absolutely anything under the sun. Buyer behaviours have transitioned along with the developments in technology. Printed flyers and promotional creatives are now out-dated and old-fashioned. Also, it is difficult to get the attention of the present generation of audience as they are way too engrossed in their digital devices. It is always better to change before change becomes inevitable. To stay up with the trend SingleCart helps you design your own digital flyers and offers that can be easily sent across to your targeted audience instantly. Through such flyers you are sure to grab the attention and make sales. Additionally, you can also take advantage of the smart QR code solutions. Just scan the custom code with your smartphones and you are good to shop! 

Easily categorise your products 

Clarity in business is always good. With SingleCart’s store management app you can easily classify products according to their departments and brand, making it easier for customers to browse your web store. You can also apply targeted promotions and offers for each product line. As small and medium enterprises it is beneficial that our store inventory management software can help you get a clear picture of in-stock and out-of-stock items accurately. Also, you can get a hold on items that are preferred by the majority of your customers. Create special offers on products based on their sales and promote them directly to your targeted audience. 

Effectively manage orders

As a business it is inevitable to stay away from customers or rush hours. Many times in traditional business practices it can be daunting to manage orders and deliver them to customers without any error. We sure may have succeeded back in the day. But in this digital era, with the advancement of technology it has become convenient for business owners to manage order and delivery digitally. As the orders are marked in the digital space the margin for errors have reduced considerably. Also, it is easy to track when your data is online. SingleCart provides you exactly that. Easily manage orders even during rush hours.

Run business at your convenience

A POS software can help you ease your business processes to a great extent. But has it ever occurred to you that a little more flexibility could better your business. Well, SingleCart solves it for you. SingleCart is not just a POS software, it is a mPOS software. That is, the POS app is installed on your mobile device. So, now your POS is as handy as your smart mobile device. Access your web store at any time from anywhere. Generate and view reports in real time from wherever you are. Review your daily sales and expenses easily with SingleCart mPOS. It is highly budget friendly as you do not have to invest in hefty hardware. 

In conclusion

SingleCart mPOS is an efficient store management app that allows you to handle your business processes effectively. It helps you integrate your storefront and web store seamlessly, boosting your business and attracting potential customers. Custom QR code makes your business all the more special as your customers can view the product list and offers simultaneously. It makes shopping convenient for them and business simple for you.

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