5 Questions You Must Ask Before Using mPOS For Your Business

mPOS For Your Business

Businesses today are evolving faster than ever. The technological advancements have made buyer experiences better at every step. POS technology is one such field with great potential for advancement. Keeping track of such developments and transforming your businesses in line with them is vital. Looking back, have you come across any business that has cash only transactions? Probably a few businesses but most of them have upgraded their mode of payment to the widely used credit, debit and mobile wallet formats. mPOS solutions for retail stores is one such advancement in the POS realm. With an mPOS,  businesses can streamline their workflow and fast track payments irrespective of their business size.

mPOS or Mobile Point of Sale, as the name suggests is a smartphone, tablet or any other portable device that serves as a fully functional POS with transaction facility. mPOS solutions for retail stores have built-in softwares that automatically saves customer transaction data. 

What is an mPOS?

Here some questions you must ask before getting an mPOS for your retail stores:

Are mPOS affordable?

Unlike the traditional POS solutions an mPOS does not have any major hardware requirement hence proving to be budget friendly even for smaller businesses. As Cloud-hosted subscription plans used by the mPOS systems come in affordable monthly and yearly payment plans, it is easier for enterprises to accommodate mPOS into their businesses.

How convenient can you use mPOS?

The present day transaction methods have evolved and businesses that accept only money as payment have become rare. Most businesses provide multiple cashless options such as credit, debit, and other forms of payment. It has become vital to offer multiple cashless payment alternatives to customers in order to sustain your business. mPOS software solution can be the right partner. mPOS allows you to make payments via debit, credit cards and also in some cases through qr code scans. Hence, it is convenient for both the business and the customer.

Will an mPOS reduce customer wait time?

Waiting in the billing queue for your turn is a tiring exercise for customers. More so, during peak business hours. With mPOS installed in multiple locations, billing and payment can take place instantaneously and customers will not have to wait in long queues. 

Can you track inventory efficiently with an mPOS?

An mPOS is also a fully functional POS software. Which means that every time you sell or bill a product your inventory is automatically being updated in the background. Similarly, you can easily track fast selling items and restock them on-time. 

Will internet connection affect the billing process?

As all the data is stored in the cloud-hosted platform, the billing procedure can be completed faster. Also, incase of any internet connection issues you can bill products offline and the data will be automatically synced with your cloud storage when the internet connection regains strength. Thus, making it the best mPOS system for your business.

Bonus point
Can you create your own digital flyer?

SingleCart mPOS is one of the best mPOS systems for your business in the UAE. With SingleCart you can design and create your own digital flyers and connect instantly with your customers. Manage offers and promotions efficiently with SingleCart mPOS app.

In conclusion

If you are considering installing a mPOS solution for your business it is vital for you to compare your needs with the features offered by the POS solution provider. mPOS solutions for retail stores are considered affordable as the investment in heavy hardware is not required. Just a mobile phone or tablet installed with the pos app will suffice to smoothly run your business.

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