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Android Mobile POS

The Latest Trends in Android Mobile POS Software in 2021

The retail world has witnessed quite a revolution with the introduction of POS systems. Moving from the physical register to e-commerce platforms and computerized stock management are just some of the ways that retail stores have become more resourceful with … Read More

restaurant qr code menu

Digitize your restaurant with QR Code Menu From SingleCart

Touchless menus have been coming up over the past few years, but it is only with the Covid-19 pandemic that most restaurants have considered opting for a fully digital option.With the pandemic guidelines suggesting restaurants use QR code menus, it … Read More


Oman VAT rate and structure

While most of the supplies are expected to attract a standard rate of 5% VAT, the Oman Vat law is also provisioned to allow certain exceptions to levy 5% VAT. Certain type of notified supplies will be either exempted or … Read More


Upgrade your offline store to online

Though least common nowadays, a typical question that offline store merchants ask is why they should have an online store up and running.  There are a lot of opinions concerning setting up an online presence or having an online store … Read More

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