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Mobile POS System for Restaurant

Selecting the Right Mobile POS System for Restaurant: A Guide

A restaurant management software or restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system can be everything in the advancing world to correctly manage a restaurant’s activities. More than half of restaurants worldwide have or will start using handheld tablets for servers to improve the guest experience. However, order-taking is not the only thing you can do with a proper mobile POS system for restaurants; it has now gone beyond that.

A POS system for small restaurants can effectively manage billing, marketing, stock and inventory, analytics, and more. It is easier to imagine a restaurant running smoothly with a POS system or with one that lags!

A good restaurant management software can work both online and offline. This keeps the data safe and keeps the restaurant running.

We’ve outlined the most important factors to consider while selecting a reliable mobile POS system for restaurants.

Should Be Cloud-based

Traditional POS systems are based on servers, which often lose data or crash, causing the system to be down. Traditional POS systems also make it hard to add new features because they require a lot of manual work.

The data used to process purchases in a cloud-based POS system is stored and accessed remotely. A cloud-based solution provides substantial advantages in simplifying operations and providing flexibility and functionality.

Simplifying the operations: setting up a computer network is time-consuming and requires heavy maintenance. A cloud-based mobile point-of-sale system can help eliminate that problem in restaurants.

Should Provide Robust Support

Restaurant owners often complain that their POS service provider doesn’t give them enough customer service. Look for a point-of-sale system that has a strong industrial base and can offer great technical support. The after-sales service of a restaurant POS system can reveal its quality. You shouldn’t have to deal with a bad customer service experience as a user. The quality of support should be top-notch so that when you require help, there is someone to help you with the issue and help resolve it.

Should Have User-Friendly Interface

An easy-to-use interface is a prime factor to look for in a restaurant POS system. The system should be easy to navigate, and the employees should be able to understand the functionality of the system with minimum training. It is essential to ensure that the restaurant management software is intuitive enough to handle any rush hours that might arise. An excellent mobile POS system for restaurants should also be customisable to your restaurant’s specific needs.

Should Be Easy to Access

A mobile POS system is proving to be a must in today’s digital world. It allows you to access real-time reporting and analysis on your mobile device, which is an essential feature for a restaurant manager on the go. The POS system should also provide custom reports based on your specific needs. This feature is crucial for a chef who needs to keep track of inventory and a manager who wants to monitor the restaurant’s performance. The system should be efficient, and there should be no discrepancies in the reporting.

Should Provide End-to-End Management

A POS system that provides end-to-end management is always better than having multiple tools and software that perform individual tasks. It streamlines the entire process and generates much higher results. The system should make it easy to take orders and bill for them, book tables, place orders online, manage stock and inventory, run the base kitchen, do CRM and marketing, run loyalty programs, handle customer feedback, and do reporting and analytics. By having all your operations on the same platform, you can better handle your restaurant’s performance and make informed decisions.

Wrapping up 

A mobile POS system for restaurants is a critical investment for your business. It can help you manage your restaurant more efficiently and provide valuable insights into its progress. When choosing a POS system, remember that it should be easy to use, work on mobile devices, and let you manage everything from start to finish. These factors can help you choose the best POS system for your restaurant and take your business to the next level.

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Cloud based POS

5 ways cloud-based POS app can benefit your business

The use of mobile POS apps in small scale and medium industries is becoming more popular nowadays. It helps in cutting down expensive infrastructure costs and complete transactions with ease. A key feature in mobile POS that is significant to understand is the cloud system. Cloud is another term used to denote the internet when used in the context of computer software.  A cloud-based POS is a type of POS where data is stored and processed online and not on the device. A cloud POS software works well on mobiles, tablets and other smart devices. This enables transactions to happen from anywhere while at the same time ensuring the security of data.

Benefits of using Cloud based POS

Increased accessibility

You can access the data of your company essentially from anywhere with use of cloud feature in your mobile POS. Simply with the use of an internet connection you can manage your business from any place. You can not only update information when required but also keep an eye on important business operations.

You may operate your company from any location with an internet connection using Cloud POS. Remotely and in real time, you can examine inventory counts, labor usage percentages, productivity data, or your daily totals. From any location, information can be instantaneously updated. You can monitor your staff members and business operations around-the-clock, even on holidays or personal days.

Reduced error

Constantly updating and maintaining cost sheets and logs can be a tedious task. Cloud POS software can ensure error free recording of all your financial transactions. There is no need to be concerned about data backup or losing information in the event of a hardware failure. Also, it keeps the problem of unrecorded sales and miscalculation of inventory at bay. By keeping track of every product and its sales you can eliminate any last-minute confusions and enjoy seamless functioning of your business.

SingleCart is a cloud based mobile POS which generates multiple handy reports suitable for you to make informed decisions and run your business efficiently.

Enhanced security

The thought of setting up a new software can feel threatening. But a cloud-based POS is not only easy to set up but is also secure and reliable. Since it operates in online mode there is less worry of incompatibility and loss of data. The report of sales, inventory and more is backed up online automatically.

While your customers enjoy easy transactions with the help of a cloud POS software you can relax knowing all your data is safe and automatically updated.

Higher profit and lower costs

A cloud-based POS software records data accurately which helps for the increase in sales and profit. For instance, with the help of this feature a restaurant owner can analyse the data and track which item in the menu is best selling. Also, you can provide the best customer experience by tracking promotional activities and customer behaviours precisely and curating marketing campaigns accordingly.

Once you get a handle of this feature in your mobile POS app, even if you are a new POS user you will understand the cost effectiveness of this feature. The installation costs of hard drives and other storage devices can be eliminated. Cloud POS aids the business to function in a more safe and efficient manner. Thus, providing better customer experience and ultimately more ROI.

Updates and Upgrades

A cloud POS software ensures that your software is constantly maintained and kept up to date without any effort. You can get timely notifications of any potential update on your device. Thus, you are able to keep pace with the dynamic trends in the business environment and run your business in a more efficient manner. The ability to implement cutting-edge security measures, such as encryption, to shield data from viruses and intrusions, is another significant advantage of cloud-based systems.

With SingleCart you get instant notifications of new updates so that you can run your business with ease.

A final note

With the use of a cloud-based POS your business can benefit immensely. You can relax knowing your data is updated and secure always, cut down on hardware costs and operate your business anywhere and anytime with the use of a mobile phone or tablet.

SingleCart is the best mobile POS app equipped with cloud POS software that helps small businesses to handle transactions and data storage digitally. SingleCart also lets you enjoy smart QR code solutions, digital flyers, web store facility and more. Run your business securely and efficiently with SingleCart today itself.

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Mobile POS App

SingleCart – A Multi-featured mPOS for small business

If you are a small business the idea of a traditional POS system can seem intimidating. But it is significant to keep up with the trends in technology and provide your customers with a digital billing experience in order to survive in a highly competitive business environment. A mobile POS system can help you with this challenge in a cost-effective manner and enjoy the facilities of POS software without having to invest in a fixed monitor and central processing unit. Single cart is the right mobile POS app for small business, customized for your business requirements. With SingleCart, the best mobile POS for small business you can elevate the experience of your customers, launch into e-commerce and get access to tons of handy features of a POS system.

SingleCart is suitable for a wide range of small-scale and medium business owners as mentioned below

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Retail shops
  • Fitness centers
  • Pet shops
  • Laundry service
  • Flower shops
  • Printing and Studios

Now let’s browse through the Top 5 Features of SingleCart

Easy mobile POS

Get the facilities of a cash register on your mobile phone or tablet with the help of SingleCart. Manage your store with ease and convenience with the help of SingleCart POS system. Continue sales and manage orders even when you are far away from the business.

This retail POS app is an extension of your store allowing you to adjust work schedule from anywhere and customize it with your logo. SingleCart is curated to meet the needs of various individuals, commercial firms and various other business.

Customized Web store

Reach more customers and provide them with an exceptional online buying experience by setting up your store on the web and social media. Build a web store on SingleCart easily without any technical knowledge and having to go through the burden of coding. From order confirmation to delivery manage all the stages in online sales. With the help of a customized web store for your business track orders, inventory and delivery easily.

Open an online store for your business, display products and sell anytime with SingleCart, the mobile POS app for small business.

Smart QR solution

Creating awareness about your brand, product or service is essential for the growth and survival of any business. Promoting your brand and reaching the right customers can often be difficult. For instance, most of the time printed flyers and notices fail to reach your target clients and ends up in dustbins. With the help of best pos app for android you can easily generate customized QR code. The use of QR codes will not only save time and money but will also let you track the progress of your marketing campaigns.

Provide instant access to information about your product and service to your customers with the use of just a mobile phone. With one click they get access to the required information about your business with the help of QR codes. Not only that, QR codes can store an ample amount of information compared to traditional flyers and posters.

Access Multiple Reports

Track the growth of your business accurately with the help of multiple reports generated with SingleCart.  It is the best mobile POS for small business with which you can get access to sales reports, inventory reports, purchase reports, and so on. With the help of these detailed business reports, you can manage your business operations effectively and make well-informed decisions.

For example, by looking at an accurate inventory report you can restock an item before it runs out completely and thereby solve the problem of understocking.

Sharing and Tracking

Single Cart is the best mobile POS for small businesses equipped with the facility of creating digital flyers and sharing them on social media and other online platforms. It also allows the option of tracking the views ensuring if they reached more customers or not. With digital flyers and newsletters on the online store, you may promote your product and keep your consumers informed about offers and sales events.

Summing up

A mobile POS app for small business can help you to manage the operations in your business effectively and efficiently. Single Cart is the best mobile POS for small business equipped with a lot of handy features. Explore the possibilities of managing your store digitally and build customized web store for your business with SingleCart. Transform your business with PromptTech’s SingleCart today itself.

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QR code for business

Top 10 Benefits of Using QR Code for Business

Do you want more customer engagement? Has your marketing strategy gone rotten? If you are looking to upgrade your promotional strategies, reduce mechanical labour, or drive more customer interaction the use of QR codes is the solution. There are numerous benefits of using QR codes for business.

What is QR Code?

Quick response codes or QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes through which the scanners can access any kind of stored online information quickly. The scanners can be redirected to websites, online stores, landing pages, application forms, menus, or any other online destination.  It is of two types- static and dynamic. If you don’t want to update the information in your QR code after creating it you can opt for a static QR code. Dynamic QR codes let you update and edit the information in a single QR code according to your requirement without having to create a new QR code every time.

The use of QR codes is beneficial for a multitude of retail business owners including grocery shops, flower shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hypermarkets and so on.

Here are the top 10 benefits of using QR code for Business


QR code has a huge storage capacity. It can hold a large amount of data up to 7089 numeric characters, 4296 alphanumeric characters and so on. Thus it assists in providing accurate information to the right customer. It can be placed on manuals and user guides to provide extra information.

Editable and Flexible

QR codes enable scanning in any orientation and their size can be made smaller or bigger according to the need and location where you want to place them. Also unlike printed materials the information in QR codes can be altered and edited according to your requirement anytime. This way you can add more information and change the content to make your promotional strategies more effective.

Discounts and Coupons

Build strong customer engagement and brand loyalty with the help of QR codes. QR codes can be used to reward your customers with exciting discounts, offers and coupons. This will appeal to their curiosity and you can build a compelling brand image.

Eco-friendly and Economical

How you do your business has a huge impact on the long-term success and sustainability of the business. There is a huge expectation for corporates to do business in a socially responsible manner. Digitizing user manuals and other catalogues with the help of QR codes for business, you can reduce paper consumption.

QR codes can also provide a significant saving on money spent on papers, printing materials and other advertising efforts. Since the content in QR codes can be upgraded according to your needs you can cut costs on reprinting and redistributing every time.


QR codes can bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. Customer experience in the digital and real world can thus be bought together. For instance, a QR code placed in a flyer or brochure can redirect the customer to your online stores with the inbuilt facility of QR scanner for android and iOS placed in their mobile phones.


QR codes can be placed on menus, business cards, flyers, magazines, and many more locations. Therefore it can reach your customers and they can access it with the use of a mobile phone. This enables strong customer engagement, brand loyalty and a potential increase in revenue.

Enables Better Marketing Strategy

QR codes can be used to enable the performance of your marketing campaigns better. A QR scanner app can lead your customers to sign-up pages, websites and landing pages. QR codes can also be used for SMS marketing, email marketing, downloading apps, and providing directions to your office location. It can also assist in targeting the right customers for social media marketing, shopping and E-commerce.


You can measure the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional strategy with the use of QR codes. This is not possible using traditional marketing strategies such as billboards and printed advertisements only. This analytics can help you in framing important business decisions.

Quick and Convenient

With the use of QR scanner for android and iOS devices, QR codes can be scanned easily. Thus, as the name suggests QR codes generate a quick response in an effortless manner.

Easy Feedback

Customers feel happy and easy to rate your business and product with the use of QR codes. The hassle of writing name, address and review on an application form can thus be eliminated.

Generate a Customised QR Code for Your Business Now

As mentioned in this blog there are a lot of enchanting benefits of using QR code for business. SingleCart is a multi-featured POS system of PromptTech that offers you customized QR codes for your business needs. Reduce the manual work and improve your marketing strategy with SingleCart today itself.

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POS Software in Dubai

How POS Data Help to Improve Customer Satisfaction?

In retail, technology plays a crucial role in collecting data about customers and sales. Customer experience and inventory management can be escalated to a greater degree with the help of good and efficient POS Software in Dubai. Data collected from that will give your brand a competitive edge and makes it more popular. 

You should not think of sales data as being just the ROI and profits of your business. Throughout the article, it discusses the story behind every purchase, whether it be in person or online. Analyzing the top-selling products and pointing out the customer journey are some of the tools available to analyze the customer journey inside a store. In this way, it is not necessary for retailers to be concerned about product visibility. 

Brand growth is made possible by POS data collected from your POS System in UAE, which is a hidden gem. Take a look at these five ways in which a POS Software in Dubai can help you boost sales and brand integrity. 

Forecasting Sales 

Collecting the overall sales from your POS data is a great way to analyse the sales range. You can gain a better understanding of your customers’ shopping behaviours and current trends by checking them thoroughly. Furthermore, by personalizing your marketing plan based on those insights, you can increase the loyalty of your loyal customers. Using this method can also help forecast sales and demand in the future. When you forecast demand, you will be able to stand out from your competitors, which in turn increases the value of your brand. 

Promotions Are Worth or Not 

In retail sales, promotions are common. There are however some factors that go unnoticed that lead to most sales being lost. However, online sales are the most likely to be affected by this. The inventory and sales of stores that operate online and in-store should be managed with integrated POS Software in Dubai. You can see the status of promotion in charts and graphs by looking at the sales data. In order to determine whether or not it is a success, you can compare it to your previous promotion and ROI. Based on their purchase history, you can add more gifts and coupons to your valued customers’ accounts as well.  

Error Free Calculation 

There is no lie in data, especially in the data provided by your best POS Software in Dubai. There will be no errors in the sales data you receive from your POS System in UAE. It is possible to avoid manipulations and malpractices 100% of the time in this way. Furthermore, you will receive an exact picture of your business through data. Which helps to increase revenue and traffic to your website. In addition to that, you can optimize the product price as well. 

Sales Volume and Timing  

It is unlikely that sales will remain the same at all times. According to the season, days, and times, sales will fluctuate. Data collected from Retail POS Software Dubai is an indicator of your brand’s overall performance. The report tells a story about how you perform on a daily basis. With that, you can easily understand the peak sales times by checking the key metrics. That information can be used to increase the number of employees during peak hours to avoid sales losses and have satisfactory sales to all customers. There is no doubt that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance.  

Remarking To Gain The Sales Back 

By using POS data, you can learn more about your customers’ shopping habits. Create a remarketing campaign based on that information to attract them back to your brand. Personalized e-mails on new product arrivals are a great way to keep them in the loop. Making shoppers feel special will boost revenues and make them feel valued. 

Through the clever use of POS data, customer retention can be easily achieved. In the modern business world, a point of sale system is an unavoidable necessity. If you are looking for the best POS Software in Dubai, SingleCart is the one for you. This Retail POS Software Dubai will help you with all your business needs. Moreover, using this will help to build a better workflow and a successful business journey.  

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Point Of Sale Software Providers in Dubai

How To Choose The Right POS System For Your Business?

It is important to make an accurate decision only after considering everything that is related to your business venture, whether you are choosing a POS System in UAE for the first time or are planning to remove your existing one. However, making the right decision is quite challenging. 

Most POS Software in Dubai offers a wide range of features, and there is conflicting advice about which is best. Do you even know where to begin with Point of Sale Software Providers in Dubai?

It will help you manage operations, understand customers and progressively grow your sales with the POS Software in Dubai that is right for your business. To put it another way, this is the technology that will allow you to scale your business. 

How Does a POS System in UAE Work? 

Point of Sale Software Providers in Dubai allows you to accept payments from customers in your business. These systems can help small business owners accept digital transactions, track customer buying patterns, and manage a variety of activities through a combination of hardware, software, or cloud-based solutions. 

All of these transactions are part of a larger point-of-sale system, whether it’s paying for festival clothes with a mobile app or scanning a book at the checkout.

Despite their similarities, there are many differences between POS services. Choosing the best Point of Sale Software Providers in Dubai for your business is your job as a discerning business owner.

To do that, you must find a Point of Sale Software Providers in Dubai with the functionality you require at a reasonable price. The following information will help you. 

Check For Hardware Compatibility And Set-Up Costs

In addition to setting up POS billing, you will need to invest a considerable amount in new infrastructure if you do not take compatibility into account.

To begin your selection process, make a list of the hardware you already have in your office and based on that look for a POS Software Providers in Dubai that is compatible with it.

Cloud-Based Systems Are The Best

On-premise systems have their advantages, but cloud-based applications offer additional advantages that cannot be ignored.

In contrast to conventional POS software, cloud-based POS stores all your business data digitally, available from any device with an internet connection whenever you need it.

A cloud service provider protects and encrypts your data, providing a level of security beyond the reach of any individual company.

Integrate Third-Party Software Into Your System

In addition to being loaded with innovative features, a modern POS system should be able to integrate with third-party software to increase efficiency.

Integrating meaningfully saves a lot of time and manpower in terms of automating repetitive data entry tasks. In this way, all customer data, financial information, and sales transaction details are centralized within a single system, so that when updates or changes need to be executed, it is done in one system, and the change will be reflected across all integrated applications.

For Your Business To Grow, Scalability Is Crucial

It is impossible to predict how quickly your business will grow. As your business begins to make profits, you won’t be satisfied with just one brick-and-mortar store.

Make sure your POS software does not limit expansion by limiting outlet numbers or number of users, and that it does not force you to purchase a completely new POS application if your business expands.

When you have a scalable system, you can accommodate large volumes of data from the very beginning, ensuring the success of your business. You only need to update the software a small amount.

How POS System From PromtTech is Useful for Your Businesses?

Whenever a retail transaction occurs, a point of sale is involved. PromtTech’s POS software is currently capable of much more than just producing bills and tracking purchases. In addition to that, you can streamline operations using the system’s multiple modules, as well as analyze data for greater success.

In addition to gaining better insight into your business revenue, deploying a new-generation POS system like ours will enable you to manage your business more efficiently, save resources and time, improve customer relationships, and create an objective demand forecast based on previous data.

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point of sales software dubai

Before You Buy Your Next Billing App, Read This!

Picking the best Point of Sales Software Dubai for your business can often be hard. There are a plethora of solutions at your disposal, thus it’s essential to do your homework. Below are a few pointers to picking the best Billing App for your store. 

Do you know the tips for picking the perfect Point of Sales Software Dubai? 

Installing the best POS System in Dubai calls for a lot of groundwork. 

Pick a POS That Suits Your Industry

Ensure that the Point of Sales Software Dubai you choose is specifically tailored to your industry. A couple of industries call for a POS system in Dubai to handle their day to day functions, such as retail, grocery, hotels, restaurants and more. 

Like what you can think of, industry requirements differ greatly between each of these sectors. The requirement varies from one place to another, inventory management can be a necessity for a retail shop. On the other hand, handling tables can be a necessity for a restaurant. 

Because it is hard to excel at everything, you need to find a POS suited to your industry.

Identify the Specific Business Requirements for Your Company

Prior to evaluating the options at your disposal for Point of Sales Software Dubai, you need to identify the features, and functions you require to handle your shop. 

Defining your business’s status is the first step. Possible scenarios include:

  • Starting a new company from the ground up
  • Leaving behind a clumsy cash register
  • A complete change of the POS software

Thereafter, sort out the most important problems your business faces, like long lines as a result of transactions taking too long, hard to handle inventory or even wrong reporting. Then, you can determine what operations a POS system can ease with the features you require.

You will benefit from a multi-store POS solution if you operate a retail network or warehouse. As an alternative, if you only have one store, a single store POS platform might be the best choice. 

Decide on the Important Integrations

As a Billing app goes a long way in handling your everyday operations, ensuring that the app comes with all the functionalities required for your shop to function seamlessly is vital. 

The capacity of a POS System in Dubai to connect to other services is quite crucial. Check whether or not it’s feasible to combine external services. Perhaps you are interested in connecting your Point of Sale Software Dubai to either of the services such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Warehouse management and more.

Know More on Customer Support and Ongoing Development 

Even if you don’t take any chances to make certain that your software training and integration are performed scrupulously, there is a likelihood, similar to any other solution, to encounter any issues in the future.

Owing to this, you should seek out a Point of Sales Software Dubai that provides continual customer support which you can depend on if any issue arises. You should be able to get answers through a variety of means from your supplier, such as knowledge base, ticket system, email or phone.

Making the Choice of the Right POS Software

Your business is unique. What works for one business perhaps doesn’t work for you. Therefore, we suggest outlining your present and future requirements as accurately as possible, testing different point of sale software solutions, and posing potential providers questions before you commit to anything.

The bottom line is that POS solutions offer a number of advantages to modernise retail businesses and, by following these six tips, you can select the right one for your requirements.

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Best Retail Management Software

Problems You Can Resolve With a Mobile POS Software Dubai

Have you ever considered investing in Best Retail Management Software for your business in Dubai? Do you know how a Mobile POS system can benefit your business?

The new generation POS offers a wide range of features. You can be assured that these features will put your business on the road to success. When business owners set up a business, they face numerous challenges. Running a business, even if it is well established, requires attention to a lot of different areas. Many of the problems that hinder success can be solved with the help of technology.

What are a few of the most prevalent problems business owners in Dubai encounter? In what ways a Mobile POS Software in Dubai can help address those issues? Let’s examine these problems and explore how Mobile POS Software in Dubai can resolve them.

Poor Inventory Management is a Thing of the Past

Inventory management is imperative to any retail business. The lack of an inventory update leaves you oblivious about which items are in stock and which ones aren’t. If you want to remedy this issue, you need to get your hands on the Best Retail Management Software providing inventory management as its capability. With POS software, you and your business’s staff members will be in the loop on all inventory information. In a nutshell, it will make your business operations as seamless as possible.

Cloud POS

Business owners hold sales data in high regard. Numbers provide a wealth of information about the state of your business. Creating business strategies requires the use of numbers from the past. You can get a better insight into your business’ performance by reviewing recent and previous sales trends. What if you end up losing all the data you need? In order to avoid being in such a situation, you must implement a cloud-based Mobile POS Software in Dubai for your business. Since the software works online as well, data is stored in real-time on the servers. Regardless of your location, details are easily accessible for you.

Works Offline

Purchasing a Mobile POS Software in Dubai that works offline and online is a sensible decision. There are times when there is no active internet connection at your outlet. Similarly, the connection may not be quick enough at all times. If so, then you can’t make your customers wait for a long while. If you never want your business to suffer a negative image, then get settled for a POS Software for Grocery Store that has the ability to run even without an Internet connection.

Make Updates With Ease

When it comes to the restaurant business, it is not practical to be stubborn. It is unwise to assume your customers’ food preferences or tastes will stay the same over time. In the future, what is popular today might no longer be relevant. Owing to this, you need to tailor your restaurant menu in accordance with market trends. You can use the Best Retail Management Software to determine which foods are in high demand. Food business insights are a hallmark of the best. Moreover, they monitor customers’ tastes in food. Additionally, they recommend foods that you should include on your menu.

That’s a few of the core issues that POS systems can address. In addition to these, there are a variety of other benefits you get from an intuitive POS. Comparing the best ones before purchasing one is a good idea. You should pick the one that is most suitable for you.

About SingleCart

SingleCart is a top-rated POS software for Grocery stores, Clothing stores, Restaurants, Flower stores, Car Accessories stores and a whole lot of businesses. SingleCart comes equipped with all the functionalities of retail POS for e-commerce transactions, from webstore, flyer creation, and more. Singlecart’s Mobile POS Software in Dubai gives your business the competitive edge you need to make a sale. Connect with your customers directly scale up with Singlecart!

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POS Software for Small Business


Point Of Sale (POS) is the new age counterpart of the traditional cash register. POS is a must required software for a range of businesses including cafes to retail stores. With a credible POS solution the business is always in safe hands, not only does it generate profit but also ensures high productivity. 

Switching to Point Of Sale in this digital age can really be a boon to small businesses. The POS Software for Small Businesses can really boost their functionality in a fairly competitive sector, with enhanced flow and function. POS go a long way in streamlining business transactions and thereby contributes to the success rate of a business.

The major advantage and one of the important reasons your business needs a POS is the expansion of area a small business could possibly get. With the help of the Small Retail POS Software, they can sell anywhere, anytime with ease and efficiency.

SingleCart POS serves as the ideal choice incorporating all the necessary Retail POS features for e-commerce transactions. Here one can manage sales, track orders, generate reports, share digital flyers and even can track its reach and response.

SingleCart – Make Your Business Operations Easy and Stress-Free

Unlock a variety of features with SingleCart and run the store with ease and peace. 

Being one of the common apps in almost all retail stores and restaurants, this digital platform helps in the steep growth and stability of the Dubai business arena. From online management of stores to the expansion in the number of buyers, SingleCart can carry on its services to in-depth analysis of business functionality and identifying the correct ways to smoothly run these processes. Also, the available individual approach in this POS app can expand their productivity rate along with data security which provides safe and secure transactions and other tasks. 

Increased customer base, as well as a shopping convenience, is another reason your business needs POS. Long and tiresome queues don’t appeal to anyone, with the assistance of efficient and reliable POS Software for Small Business like SingleCart, customers no longer have to endure boring queues. 

The expansion of stores to an online platform gives maximum aid in making the store more approachable and welcoming. Along with the display of products and the wide range of exposure that helps in the active recognition from potential customers, this POS holds the power in attracting more orders without much struggle. 

The Noteworthy Role of POS in Enhancing the Business

Functionality Improvement

This is one of the main reasons your business needs a POS, with the help of SingleCart one can turn the success rate of small scale businesses to a much higher rate. POS System includes numerous software, hardware and other categories of complexities. However, even the most basic POS software helps in improving functionality while having a modern POS System. 

Sound Command on Employee Management and Their Productivity

POS Software for Small Business helps in analysing sales rates and also helps to keep an eye on the overall execution of sales teams. This results in much better outcomes from the employers since it constantly reminds them of the objections and targets. In a sense it motivates them to work more efficiently and sincerely as it keeps track of their performances.

Better Time Management

Managing taxes is tedious and time-consuming work that is confusing in many ways, but a modern POS makes this ever difficult task trouble-free. thereby making your business cost-focused and flexible. 

Effective Marketing Campaigns

The best POS Software for Small Businesses can create better business intelligence through smooth and effective marketing strategies which in turn results in enhanced customer experience, more visibility, higher exposure with easy deals with great outcomes.

Mobility of Business

With a cloud-based POS System, one can access anything and everything regarding the business from wherever and whenever according to their comfort. At the tip of the finger, one can access everything on their business, its stock rate, data, productivity, customer feedback and so on. This is an absolute reason why your business needs a POS System, which is much more beneficial when it comes to POS for small Restaurants.

Analysing and Reporting the Preferences

Comparing sales information and inventory SingleCart, the POS Software for Small businesses accurately analyses the needs of the customers so that the business can invest this beneficial input in their product management and thereby increase their income as well as customer service. For example with the help of a POS for a Small Restaurant, the menu can be updated and upgraded in accordance with the number of orders and can also be continuously checked for future improvements.

Forte of SingleCart POS app

Management of Orders 

SingleCart manages online orders from its initial to the final phase. Starting from the confirmation of orders till the delivery, SingleCart is there to assist a business in each and every step.


The merchant POS app is the expanded area of a store, where one can customize it with suitable logos that they like and also schedule works based on their convenience.

Grouping by Brands and Departments

With SingleCart, one can easily access their catalogue since it is grouped into categories like brands and departments. This helps in the better knowledge of the intended targets which can be used to create effective promotions and exciting offers.

Digital Reach

Digital Reach is one of the many key reasons your business needs a POS System. Through digital advertisements such as flyers, newsletters and alike one can keep their business lively. This includes some prime advantages of keeping the customers updated on special offers and other sales events.

About SingleCart

SingleCart is the pioneer of POS. Reasons Your Business Needs a POS System is mainly because it offers all the services and assistance to make your business extra popular and profitable.

Choosing the best POS app is the finest investment for either a leading or an upcoming business. SingleCart offers services that give a clear picture of the business with the purpose of creating a better understanding of the most and least preferred products by customers.

Understanding the ever-changing business trends and objectives within a short span of time is an important factor in making the business distinctive and profitable. Also, the real-time analysis of data and reports regarding the production and preferences of customers help in developing successful strategies which enhance the business in all dimensions. With SingleCart this will be really easy since it can be done with one single tap.

SingleCart provides benefits such as streamlining all retail operations, monitoring workflow, boosting productivity, and a range of other functional features to lead a business into the domain of e-commerce and therefore to succeed through perfection.

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Scale up your Retail Hardware Store with an Innovative POS App single cart

Scale up your Retail Hardware Store with an Innovative POS App

POS systems have become a common sight in many retail stores and restaurants in Dubai. Small businesses are benefited by moving their business processes to a digital platform that handles inventory, sales and transactions more easily than would the old pen and paper mode. 
Managing hardware stores with a POS system is an up and coming trend. Hardware stores in Dubai usually provide home improvement tools, electrical and plumbing supplies, gardening equipment and auto repair tools. And just like other retail stores, a Point of Sale Software Dubai would enable retail hardware stores to better manage their business operations and expand easily. Let us look at the ways in which this is made possible.

Handling Inventory

The uniqueness of shopping at a retail store is coming across those nifty items that you never knew you wanted. And now that you have seen it, you must add it to the cart. This goes for small stores as well as large retail chains with multiple stores. In the case of hardware stores, this diversity carries a prospect of inventory errors – there are quite a few different varieties of the same product like screws and wrenches. Managing this inventory can be quite a laborious task for store employees. 
Hardware store employees would be able to manage their inventory better and fetch products without error using the mobile-based POS app. Fetching an item in conventional POS systems would be based on part number or name, but with the POS app, more fields can be used to identify and categorize products. This includes the supplier name, product description, or even a custom category name. And barcode scanning would not need specialized hardware for a POS app – smartphone devices themselves can be made to scan products easily.

Multi-user Interface

A mobile-based POS app offers the advantage of being accessible by all employees of your store so they can perform their tasks more effectively. The POS app, unlike a static POS system, offers mobility to users – billing operations, inventory and other store operations can all be performed right from the app, with the data being independently updated by employees to prevent any duplication.
Access privileges for the POS app is managed by specifying the information made available to each role, allowing employees to use the same POS app for different store operations without being encumbered by data that is irrelevant to their assigned tasks. Data security is made possible by password access for store employees. This keeps all your store data secure from unauthorized access.

Smart Checkout

Customers do not like waiting in long queues at all. Shopping convenience is one of the reasons why ecommerce platforms are popular with many customers. Scanning each item and fetching the products on the POS terminal would be similarly inefficient. Moving the entire checkout process to a Mobile POS App would allow faster checkout for customers. Sales staff can move around the store and assist customers check out their purchases using the app on their smartphone devices. This also presents an excellent opportunity for your staff to upsell products or suggest suitable add-ons for their products.
Mobile payment solutions are much more efficient than the old cash or credit option. The simplified interface of a mobile POS device or smartphone makes it more easier to initiate and process transactions than would conventional card swiping machines or cash registers. With QR code scanning options, secure transactions can be made at any time with just a smartphone device. Transactions via the POS app are error-free and can be retrieved for future reference as well.

Staff Management

Overseeing employee activities and their schedule and payroll can be managed better using the POS app. Small hardware stores with few employees, as well as large chain stores spread across disparate locations can simply add their employees to the app. With the multi-user interface, all employee activities can be managed and their performance can be evaluated right from the app. Evaluating the performance of each employee also makes it possible to set rewards to incentivize employees or even training modules to improve performance.
Stores operating in more than one location may find it challenging to maintain a unified record of inventory and sales. With a POS app, all you need is another mobile device to run the operations and manage all business processes in each store independently. This would enable store managers to oversee operations in multiple locations under a centralized platform. 

Expanding to an Online Store 

Building an online presence for your store helps you become more visible to potential customers. Leveraging this online presence using this POS app would make it possible for increased sales across multiple channels. The POS app integrates the online store feature with various social media platforms to showcase your store’s products to a large network of potential customers. 
The integrated inventory feature for both online and offline sales allows stores to complete orders on both fronts efficiently, without duplication of inventory values. Integrating shipping solutions will also make it easier for customers to get their orders delivered without hassles and help you manage product returns more effectively.

Engaging your Customers Better

The key to gaining more customers in retail business is to present a personalized customer experience, especially for in-store shoppers. This is made possible with a CRM that maintains detailed customer profiles – contact information, purchase history, payment preferences as well as shopping frequency and product affinity. This information can be used to modify the product display at your store so that customers would be more likely to buy those products based on their needs.
Hardware stores can also come up with more personalized marketing campaigns and loyalty programs based on customer preferences.  Better customer experience through customized checkout experience would be made possible when you know how customers prefer to make their payments. Analyzing sales trends for each customer would help you identify high and low selling products and categorize them based on customer demographics. 

Analytics and Reporting

Wondering why some products have been sitting on the shelves for months? Finding what customers want, when they want it, and how much they will buy – all of this can be predicted by matching inventory and sales information. The POS app is capable of generating reports using this data so that you have the right stock of products for customers at any time. 
The analytics module also looks at purchasing trends to determine which items can fetch higher profit margin and suggests reorders based on this data.The POS app shows your assets and liabilities for each quarter along with the financial analytics for sales and inventory. This helps you run accounting processes more smoothly, and get a clear picture of your store’s financial status at any point. 

Exceptional POS Software Guaranteed 

SingleCart allows you to realize your business objectives within a short time using a modern POS System for Small Business. Our handy POS app will help you manage your store and expand your customer base online easily. We review your business workflow in detail to identify the best ways to streamline these processes through our POS app. If you are looking to grow your hardware store, we will be right behind you!
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