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Scale up your Retail Hardware Store with an Innovative POS App single cart

Scale up your Retail Hardware Store with an Innovative POS App

POS systems have become a common sight in many retail stores and restaurants in Dubai. Small businesses are benefited by moving their business processes to a digital platform that handles inventory, sales and transactions more easily than would the old pen and paper mode. 
Managing hardware stores with a POS system is an up and coming trend. Hardware stores in Dubai usually provide home improvement tools, electrical and plumbing supplies, gardening equipment and auto repair tools. And just like other retail stores, a Point of Sale Software Dubai would enable retail hardware stores to better manage their business operations and expand easily. Let us look at the ways in which this is made possible.

Handling Inventory

The uniqueness of shopping at a retail store is coming across those nifty items that you never knew you wanted. And now that you have seen it, you must add it to the cart. This goes for small stores as well as large retail chains with multiple stores. In the case of hardware stores, this diversity carries a prospect of inventory errors – there are quite a few different varieties of the same product like screws and wrenches. Managing this inventory can be quite a laborious task for store employees. 
Hardware store employees would be able to manage their inventory better and fetch products without error using the mobile-based POS app. Fetching an item in conventional POS systems would be based on part number or name, but with the POS app, more fields can be used to identify and categorize products. This includes the supplier name, product description, or even a custom category name. And barcode scanning would not need specialized hardware for a POS app – smartphone devices themselves can be made to scan products easily.

Multi-user Interface

A mobile-based POS app offers the advantage of being accessible by all employees of your store so they can perform their tasks more effectively. The POS app, unlike a static POS system, offers mobility to users – billing operations, inventory and other store operations can all be performed right from the app, with the data being independently updated by employees to prevent any duplication.
Access privileges for the POS app is managed by specifying the information made available to each role, allowing employees to use the same POS app for different store operations without being encumbered by data that is irrelevant to their assigned tasks. Data security is made possible by password access for store employees. This keeps all your store data secure from unauthorized access.

Smart Checkout

Customers do not like waiting in long queues at all. Shopping convenience is one of the reasons why ecommerce platforms are popular with many customers. Scanning each item and fetching the products on the POS terminal would be similarly inefficient. Moving the entire checkout process to a Mobile POS App would allow faster checkout for customers. Sales staff can move around the store and assist customers check out their purchases using the app on their smartphone devices. This also presents an excellent opportunity for your staff to upsell products or suggest suitable add-ons for their products.
Mobile payment solutions are much more efficient than the old cash or credit option. The simplified interface of a mobile POS device or smartphone makes it more easier to initiate and process transactions than would conventional card swiping machines or cash registers. With QR code scanning options, secure transactions can be made at any time with just a smartphone device. Transactions via the POS app are error-free and can be retrieved for future reference as well.

Staff Management

Overseeing employee activities and their schedule and payroll can be managed better using the POS app. Small hardware stores with few employees, as well as large chain stores spread across disparate locations can simply add their employees to the app. With the multi-user interface, all employee activities can be managed and their performance can be evaluated right from the app. Evaluating the performance of each employee also makes it possible to set rewards to incentivize employees or even training modules to improve performance.
Stores operating in more than one location may find it challenging to maintain a unified record of inventory and sales. With a POS app, all you need is another mobile device to run the operations and manage all business processes in each store independently. This would enable store managers to oversee operations in multiple locations under a centralized platform. 

Expanding to an Online Store 

Building an online presence for your store helps you become more visible to potential customers. Leveraging this online presence using this POS app would make it possible for increased sales across multiple channels. The POS app integrates the online store feature with various social media platforms to showcase your store’s products to a large network of potential customers. 
The integrated inventory feature for both online and offline sales allows stores to complete orders on both fronts efficiently, without duplication of inventory values. Integrating shipping solutions will also make it easier for customers to get their orders delivered without hassles and help you manage product returns more effectively.

Engaging your Customers Better

The key to gaining more customers in retail business is to present a personalized customer experience, especially for in-store shoppers. This is made possible with a CRM that maintains detailed customer profiles – contact information, purchase history, payment preferences as well as shopping frequency and product affinity. This information can be used to modify the product display at your store so that customers would be more likely to buy those products based on their needs.
Hardware stores can also come up with more personalized marketing campaigns and loyalty programs based on customer preferences.  Better customer experience through customized checkout experience would be made possible when you know how customers prefer to make their payments. Analyzing sales trends for each customer would help you identify high and low selling products and categorize them based on customer demographics. 

Analytics and Reporting

Wondering why some products have been sitting on the shelves for months? Finding what customers want, when they want it, and how much they will buy – all of this can be predicted by matching inventory and sales information. The POS app is capable of generating reports using this data so that you have the right stock of products for customers at any time. 
The analytics module also looks at purchasing trends to determine which items can fetch higher profit margin and suggests reorders based on this data.The POS app shows your assets and liabilities for each quarter along with the financial analytics for sales and inventory. This helps you run accounting processes more smoothly, and get a clear picture of your store’s financial status at any point. 

Exceptional POS Software Guaranteed 

SingleCart allows you to realize your business objectives within a short time using a modern POS System for Small Business. Our handy POS app will help you manage your store and expand your customer base online easily. We review your business workflow in detail to identify the best ways to streamline these processes through our POS app. If you are looking to grow your hardware store, we will be right behind you!
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FAQs of POS: Ultimate Guide to Choosing a POS Retail Software in Dubai

FAQs of POS: Ultimate Guide to Choosing a POS Retail Software in Dubai

A majority of retail businesses these days use a POS system to perform their day-to-day store operations. Far from the simple billing and receipt printing processes, POS software can handle complex tasks such as accounting and inventory management with unerring accuracy. 

Choosing a POS app for your business takes a little effort – you need to understand how it will help you achieve your business goals, and this requires understanding what it can actually do. Let us answer some of the common questions regarding a POS app and help you find the right one for your retail business.

Why do I need a POS app?

The way you do business is key to how successful your business will be. A POS app will be able to help you conduct a whole range of business operations with just a smartphone device. It would be quite tedious to handle billing, update inventory and manage customer information manually. But with a POS app, all these and more can be organized effortlessly.

What hardware do I need?

With a conventional POS system, you would need peripherals like a barcode scanner, card machine, printer and cash drawer. A POS app allows you to forgo cumbersome hardware requirements – most of the functions of peripheral devices can be performed by the POS app itself. 

Will a POS app be easy to use?

A POS app would be quite simple and easy to figure out. The fact that you can access everything on a smartphone or tablet device means that it does not require a tech-wiz to make it work. Its user-friendly design and interface would allow you to run your business right off the bat without having to consult the instructions manual or get on the line with tech support at every turn.

What payment modes are supported by a POS app?

Increasing use of e-payment modes has made cash registers more or less obsolete. POS apps are rightly suited to handle a range of e-payment modes just as easily as conventional payment modes. Mobile payment and checkout makes it more convenient for customers, and allows you to maintain all transaction records on the app.

What is PCI compliance and do I need it? 

Secure payments are essential for small businesses and their customers. Payment data security is ensured when your POS system is compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) guidelines. Any business that accepts and processes credit card transactions needs to ensure this, so look for POS Retail Software in Dubai that is PCI compliant. 

How can I increase my sales with a POS app?

The latest POS apps come with omnichannel integration – they allow you to sell on online channels like a web store or social media platforms. Customers take to the internet to seek information on products they seek, and many social media users actively look for products that they find online. Increasing your online presence is just one part of the solution. Integrating the physical store with online sales capabilities will let you reach more customers and grow your business.

How will a POS app help my business gain competitive advantages?

There are a variety of tools in a POS app that help you increase efficiency in all business processes. Automating the repetitive tasks of billing and accounting, workflow management, employee supervision and inventory management are just some of the key features that help you gain an edge over competitors. By delegating these tasks to the POS app, you can focus on improving your business and dominate the market easily.

How do I organize my inventory with a POS app?

The inventory management tool helps you take control of your stock and manage items from purchase to delivery. From updating stock quantities to setting reorder alerts, you can use this feature to manage your inventory efficiently. The POS app would have a centralized database of products and make it easy to access the entire supply chain and keep track of products from the time they reach your store. 

Does the POS app handle accounting?

Seamless integration between existing accounting software and a POS app makes it easy to do accounting without errors. Some POS apps also have inbuilt accounting modules that will manage it all in real-time and provide detailed financial reports to keep your business on track. POS Software with VAT would be able to calculate and generate tax invoices for sales and help you organize tax reports for filing.

How do I use CRM to improve sales?

POS apps have an integrated Customer Relationship Module (CRM) that allows you to store information about your customers and use this effectively to increase your sales. Customer buying patterns, their preferred payment modes and order preferences can be assessed and quantified. The POS app analyzes this data to formulate a proper marketing strategy that targets these tendencies and maximises sales. This would also enable you to introduce promotional offers to highlight best-selling products and market new products better.

How do I manage my employees on the POS app?

The employee management feature of many POS apps help organize your employees and automate tasks like shift schedules and payroll. An advanced POS System in UAE would come equipped with customizable permission for managers and employees to access the POS. Since the POS app is used by the employees for various business processes, it keeps track of workflows and provides detailed reports of employee performance. 

How can I scale my business with a POS app?

It would be wise to keep an eye out for POS apps that allow you to scale your business later on. POS app service providers may offer different variants of their product according to your specific requirements, and getting a package with some extra features would not be a bad idea. After all, having unused tools is way better than looking around for them when a need arises.

Can the POS app manage multiple stores?

The scalability of your business is best suited by a POS app. A range of multi-store management features help keep your inventory and accounting centralized while the individual store operations are categorised by location. It is also easier to expand store locations since the infrastructure requirements of a POS app are quite less. You can also manage stock transfers on the app and simplify inventory records.

How do I use POS reports?

A good POS system is capable of generating detailed reports based on sales performance so you can make informed decisions for your business. This could also involve detailed analysis of customer buying patterns and sales trends that let you identify how well your products are performing. A good POS app would provide regular reports – weekly or monthly – and allow you to improve efficiency in your business processes.

Which POS app is the best?

Getting a reliable POS app would be the most important investment for your business. Make sure you are familiarized with all aspects of your business operations before finalizing a POS app. With the SingleCart mobile POS app, you can be assured that you get the best Retail Software in Dubai for your business. We help you realize all your business objectives in no time.

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Android Mobile POS

The Latest Trends in Android Mobile POS Software in 2021

The retail world has witnessed quite a revolution with the introduction of POS systems. Moving from the physical register to e-commerce platforms and computerized stock management are just some of the ways that retail stores have become more resourceful with POS software. 

But the future holds so much in store for POS systems and it appears we have barely scratched the surface. Come check out some of the ways in which retail POS software is evolving right now.

Mobile payment

Cashless payment modes are becoming the norm now and POS systems incompatible with at least a handful of e-commerce billing options bear the risk of losing valuable customers. Mobile payment solutions provide greater flexibility and convenience than cash for both customers and businesses. This allows for better security and analysis of spending habits. 

Building on this, future checkout options would be made more simplified with zero contact payment modes. Innovative scan-and-go options make it possible for customers to perform the checkout by themselves using just their smartphones. Going a step ahead, it would be possible to simply add items to the shopping cart and walk out – the payment mode being specified before entering the store. 

Cloud Technology

Moving from dedicated POS hardware to an Android Mobile POS app might simply be the greatest technological leap in retail commerce. A cloud POS system makes it easy to access all the data and operations of the store from multiple devices. Employees would be able to access the POS system from anywhere in the store while managers would be able to oversee operations from off-store.

Why it’s Good

The best advantage of a cloud POS system is that it is a service, rather than a product as traditional POS systems are. And since cloud service providers offer the service on a monthly or annual basis, they would be more responsible for the overall functioning of the cloud POS. Retail businesses would be able to enjoy regular updates and maintenance packages directly over the internet rather than having to wait for the service provider to do the same manually. 

Storefront Operations

For retail businesses that take orders across various channels, a cloud POS system can make it easy for store managers to unify operations using an integrated system. They can use the POS system to track orders placed on different channels and match them against the inventory and organize customer information efficiently.

Customer Experience

Extending cloud-based operations to the customer would also involve the introduction of multi-device shopping carts. This would enable customers to add products on one device and place the order on another device. The added benefit is that with all the content managed under a single integrated system, customers would be presented with the same promotions and offers on all devices and would thus feel more assured about making a purchase.

Personalized Marketing

CRM integrated Retail POS Software Dubai has made it possible for businesses to formulate marketing strategies to suit specific customer demographics. Moving forward with this would allow customized marketing targeted at individuals based on their shopping habits and product affinity. This has great potential to change the way businesses engage with customers – imagine small businesses that cater to their regular clients, but on a larger scale. 

Customers tend to work with businesses that view them as individuals and provide offers that are actually relevant to them. An Android Mobile POS app with intelligent learning capacity would be able to manage customer preferences and provide a customized shopping experience tailored to suit each individual based on their shopping pattern. 

AI-based POS System

POS software today is taking the first steps into becoming autonomous entities in charge of all aspects of store operations. Processes that require human oversight can now be taught to intelligent software – especially repetitive and non-essential tasks that would divert resources from the core business processes.

AI-integrated POS systems can automatically fulfil orders and initiate re-orders based on stock levels. This eases the process of inventory management to a purely supervisory task for managers. Additionally, the POS system would be able to offer insights into changing customer behaviors and responses to different products. This can be used  in determining the marketability of a new product. Identifying these trends in product sales would also allow businesses to replenish their stock of high-demand items and preclude any shortage.

Multi-channel Business

The brick and mortar store is fast becoming a relic of the pre-digital era of retail business. Small and medium businesses already find it quite difficult to reach more customers under the domineering presence of online retail giants like Amazon. Simply having an online presence is not enough these days – customers tend to look for an alternative online store option wherever possible. Building an online catalogue over multiple channels lets you expand your business without the hassle of extra infrastructure or capital expenses. 

Customers also take to social media platforms to get more information on products they are looking to buy. There is also a good chance that people will look for something that they found while browsing social media. Facebook and Instagram already have a form of online storefront where businesses can display products and allow customers to access an online store to make the purchase. Businesses would find it more profitable when their POS system is directly linked to their social media marketplace to facilitate an integrated e-commerce experience across the online and offline stores. 

Inventory Access for Customer 

Customers are more likely to check out a product online before going into a store to buy it. This used to be the case only for high-value products like vehicles. Now, with more information on products available over the internet, customers tend to make a detailed analysis – often as much as months – before making a purchase. 

Making your store’s inventory visible to the customer would enable them to make an informed choice even before visiting your store. Even at the store, a simple option of scanning a QR code for details on the product would allow customers to participate in the retail environment before confirming the product.

Evolution of the POS Hardware

Currently, POS software designed for use on pre-designed hardware is the standard in most retail businesses. Checkout counters, barcode scanners, customer displays are some of the essential elements of a POS system. Save for cloud POS systems that can be used on multiple devices, the traditional POS that relies on a specific set of hardware would soon be a thing of the past.

iPads and other tablet devices are advanced enough right now to be able to perform all the operations of POS hardware. They are also cheaper and easy to use without requiring special training. Restaurants are already looking at alternatives to customer display units that allow patrons to view menus on their smartphones just by scanning a QR code. 

Reliable POS for the Future

At SingleCart, we are always on the lookout for the latest technological innovations. We integrate the best features on our POS System in UAE so that businesses can run their operations effortlessly.

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Upgrade your offline store to online

Though least common nowadays, a typical question that offline store merchants ask is why they should have an online store up and running. 

There are a lot of opinions concerning setting up an online presence or having an online store besides an offline business. To a lot of people, it’s full of possibility of loss or failure, and tricky. However, there are a lot of reasons why you should get your business online. Below are 10 good reasons why you need to begin doing business online.

Enhance the Image of Your Company

Just this reason must be enough to begin an online store and sell your products online. This is an absolutely significant factor, as without an online store or even blogs potential clients may start to think about your level of seriousness in doing business. At present, businesses of all sizes and all sorts are effectively creating an online presence.

Whether you merely have an offline business then you can’t expect your potential customers to take you seriously and they may turn to your rivals who most probably have taken their business online. Most frankly, you should take your business online as your potential and current customers are looking to have your own online store.

Round the Clock Availability

Even though certain grocery store, eateries service stations run round the clock services, it’s unachievable for the majority of businesses. The major advantage of an online store up and running is that your customers can get to know about your products/ services and buy them anytime, no matter even if it’s a holiday. Relate it to the change it makes when your brick and mortar store is running 4-5 times longer than normal. 

While your physical store is closed you can still expect inquiries and leads and follow-up with them during your business hours the following day. A lot of prospects and customers want to know more of your business when it’s not business hours, but when you have an online store in place, it can still function and your online assistant can generate leads and resolve queries.

Lower Operations Cost

A  single task can make a great deal of change in cost savings. Case in point- you really don’t have to employ a customer service staff if you’re receiving your orders online. Through all-inclusive product and sales data online, you will merely get the orders and payments through the mail or to your directory. You can minimise the employees, and as do the office expenses and office space. 

Relying on the online store with POS, merchants can take every facet of their business online, like buying, invoicing, delivery. Other aspects comprise pre-emptive customer service, such as the Frequently Asked Questions page to address the client’s queries. 

Easy Access

Regardless of the time or place, when you have an online store with POS, it will allow you to access real-time insights on your business. It can be the best bet for retail merchants who are rather very busy.

You don’t want to regularly stop by your store or contact your assistant to keep tabs on the stock. From your smartphone, you can access your back office no matter where you are and get the details all by yourself.

Gives You Real-time Insights

Merely with your instincts, you can’t keep up your company’s productivity. You should track insights that are in detail, that helps you in functioning with practical strategies and make clever business moves. 

An online store with POS will give you instant insights that let you track and maintain your products. Its analytical feature lets you know which products require restocking, besides you can also track the orders.

Report Management

An online store with POS has reporting features in which merchants can track profits, sales, costs involved in any activity. Reports provide you with updated information and are formatted with details which can easily be read. You can access the reports even when you’re on the move or at home. No matter where you’re, you always have the handy details to reach an informed move.

Improve Company Responsiveness

The online store with POS lets you deliver your digital flyer, purchase order, confirmation of order faster, and mostly at once. It will confirm the orders to your customers, after having processed them. In the past, the orders were either dropped off or either mailed to the customer. Based on the volume of orders handled by the sales employee, it can take a couple of hours to even days for order processing. With an efficient online store, merchants can easily keep tabs on the inventory, orders, number of sales and more. Quicker time to respond implies satisfied customers and less work for you.

Target the Global Market

With your traditional physical store, you’re restricted to the number of customers who can stop by your store during a specified time. But with an excellent online store in place, you can in fact have over 1000 or 10000 customers exploring your online store simultaneously. Think of the capability of your business, when you can show your products to a boundless number of interested customers. Being able to get a hundred customers is entirely different from actually having a hundred customers.

Access From Anywhere

Setting up an online presence gives you the location freedom so you can work from wherever you wish, and you aren’t stuck in a specific place. 

If you have a good internet and live wherever you are while you can run your online business. A lot of merchants stay in one place, have a storehouse in another place, and hosting on yet another. 

With lesser anomaly, the online store reduces your need to remain at a particular place. You can be in a place where you want to and even make your company adjust to your way of living. 

More Customer Support

The internet lets you resolve customer queries, host sales webinars, and more even without taking up your valuable time. Make a FAQ page listing everything that customers may ask, or make a video and with that every time you can lead your customers to those details for a long time. This doesn’t just save a lot of time, but you’re giving better service to your customers. They’ll be after particular details like:

  • Solve an issue with a current order.
  • Looking for another choice prior to making a purchasing decision. 
  • Prior to making a purchasing decision.

When you have an online presence, you can provide them merely the details they’re seeking and merely when they’re seeking it. This implies lesser enquiries via phone calls and increased turnover. You can focus more time on the profit creating activities of your company and lesser time dealing with typical client service issues.

About SingleCart

SingleCart is a unique technology platform where retail merchants can create their own web store with POS in a few minutes and showcase their products. Once having launched the webstore, they can start selling their products without paying any commission. The app comes with an array of features such as:

  • Order tracking
  • Create digital flyers
  • Manage orders
  • Generate reports
  • Offer display
  • Flyer sharing
  • Schedule orders
  • Edit and add products
  • POS
  • Sharing and Tracking
  • Cloud Syncing
  • Install POS with low cost
  • Printer integration
  • Supports Android billing software 

Businesses without an online presence can now come to the fore with SingleCart – Single cart.

How much does it cost?

If your planning to upgrade your offline business to online store even if it is with or without Retails POS you see pricing of SingleCart using this link

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