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Mobile POS System for Restaurant

Selecting the Right Mobile POS System for Restaurant: A Guide

A restaurant management software or restaurant’s point of sale (POS) system can be everything in the advancing world to correctly manage a restaurant’s activities. More than half of restaurants worldwide have or will start using handheld tablets for servers to … Read More

Benefits of mPOS system

5 Benefits of mPOS system in 2023

The world around us is transforming at a rapid speed. Buyer behaviours and transaction models have all undergone a drastic change. POS has been the torch bearer in bringing about a change in the way sales are completed at the … Read More

Mobile POS Systems

Mobile POS Systems: A Detailed guide

With the advancement in technology you can see a major transformation in the way transactions are being handled in a business. The traditional cash registers have evolved to electronic POS systems which have undergone upgradation with the help of cloud … Read More

mPOS For Your Business

5 Questions You Must Ask Before Using mPOS For Your Business

Businesses today are evolving faster than ever. The technological advancements have made buyer experiences better at every step. POS technology is one such field with great potential for advancement. Keeping track of such developments and transforming your businesses in line … Read More

POS and mPOS Systems

Traditional POS and mPOS Systems- How Are They Different?

With the advancement in technology there has been immense upgradation in POS systems as well. A POS system was introduced in order to record and manage transactions accurately. What once started as just a cash register has evolved into a … Read More

Store Management App

Multipurpose Store Management App

Flourishing a business in the present day has transformed immensely. Things have changed drastically. Digitalisation has taken over in more ways than one. Upgrading your skills and your technology is the dire need of the hour. Among all these complexities, … Read More

Cloud based POS

5 ways cloud-based POS app can benefit your business

The use of mobile POS apps in small scale and medium industries is becoming more popular nowadays. It helps in cutting down expensive infrastructure costs and complete transactions with ease. A key feature in mobile POS that is significant to … Read More

Mobile POS App

SingleCart – A Multi-featured mPOS for small business

If you are a small business the idea of a traditional POS system can seem intimidating. But it is significant to keep up with the trends in technology and provide your customers with a digital billing experience in order to … Read More

QR code for business

Top 10 Benefits of Using QR Code for Business

Do you want more customer engagement? Has your marketing strategy gone rotten? If you are looking to upgrade your promotional strategies, reduce mechanical labour, or drive more customer interaction the use of QR codes is the solution. There are numerous … Read More

POS Software in Dubai

How POS Data Help to Improve Customer Satisfaction?

In retail, technology plays a crucial role in collecting data about customers and sales. Customer experience and inventory management can be escalated to a greater degree with the help of good and efficient POS Software in Dubai. Data collected from … Read More

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